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School is over

2009-06-15 14:59:08 by incetents9

School is finally over and I can start working on flash more
often yay!!!


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2009-06-16 02:40:21

I've pm'd you about your audio looping problem.....Damn though school still has another 2 weeks where I am though........I can't wait till the holidays!.....Also your new on newgrounds so if you have any problems just ask me...I 'm always happy to help new Newgrounds members :)


2009-09-15 01:40:49

Oh no, please don't make more flash. ;p


2009-10-17 14:13:42

After awhile im finalling making more flash and alot better. Im going to upload 2 new ones soon.


2009-10-21 10:49:03

Workin on a new rpg battle and a stick torture chamber. Woot